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Breaking  through musical barriers and defying every stereotype with their creation of Fiddle Rock/Pop/Celtic/Country/Jazz and classical creating an unprecedented musical genre that fuses electric violin with all styles of music played with a distinct sound.

' Extremely Entertaining! '

                    * City TV. BT. Toronto. Canada

' Fiddlestix has created their own genre

with Fiddle Rock, and fans Canada wide

love it! '

                   * Y 108 Rocks. FM Radio. Hamilton

Canada has fallen in love with the magnetic sound of Fiddle Rock and the group that introduced it to the world. Fiddlestix is inspired by North America’s extreme electric violinist: Steve Bowen, a Yamaha endorsee practically born with a violin in his hand, playing around the world since the age of four and stunning audiences with his limitless abilities. Fiddle Rock is the clarion call to his intense style, which seamlessly blends a unique and edgy mix of soaring solos, scorching riffs and innovative melodies.

Fiddlestix Duet Current Lineup


Steve Bowen - Electric Violin/Vocals/Guitar

Nancy C. - Guitar/Vocals


Fiddlestix New Lineup


Steve Bowen - Electric Violin/Vocals

Nancy C. - Guitar/Vocals

Mike Altmann - Bass/Vocals

Sam Cino - Drums/Vocals

Scott Apted - Drums/Vocals

Giles Hunter - Percussion/Vocals

Jeff Blake (away

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Fiddlestix Singles and Albums for Digital Download

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